WildTangent today announced features for Application Management Platform (AMP) that enable Android device manufacturers (OEMs) and mobile operators to offer consumers a more personalized and superior mobile experience for both installing and uninstalling AMP-delivered apps.

In designing AMP, WildTangent focused on simplifying app management for both the mobile industry and consumers. AMP provides an optimal experience by empowering consumers to choose which apps to keep or remove on their device. Additionally, AMP allows OEMs and mobile operators to present popular apps that consumers can choose to install, helping them streamline the time spent with their device.

“We have proven there is a massive opportunity to reimagine our mobile experiences and delight consumers with the way we manage apps,” said Sean Vanderdasson, Senior Vice President at WildTangent. “Simply put, consumers should be able to choose the apps they want on their devices rather than going through the hassle of removing dozens of apps that occupy needed space. We believe that better experiences lead to improved customer loyalty, and customer loyalty leads to a thriving mobile industry. AMP provides a superior experience for our partners and consumers.”

AMP for OEMs and mobile operators is available worldwide. For more information, please visit www.wildtangent.com/amp. WildTangent is exhibiting this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona — Hall 8.1 (App Planet), stand 8.1 I 13.

About AMP:
WildTangent’s AMP, a configurable set of cloud-based services for Android device manufacturers (OEMs) and mobile operators, helps streamline their app installation processes and generate new revenue. AMP shifts app distribution from the traditional factory preload processes to dynamic app loading at setup, sending apps more quickly and reducing unnecessary business costs.

About WildTangent (www.wildtangent.com/corporate)
With over 20 billion apps delivered, WildTangent is the leading worldwide, cross-device technology company focused on the distribution and monetization of mobile and online apps. The company builds mobile apps and operates a digital advertising platform and entertainment services. The company’s latest offering, Application Platform Management, dramatically simplifies the app management process for device manufacturers and mobile operators. Companies that use WildTangent technology for their devices include AT&T, T-Mobile, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, and ACER.


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