Company’s CPI Ad Network surges with Android distribution growth
REDMOND, Wash. – July 20, 2015 – WildTangent, the leading global app distribution and monetization technology company, today announced a 25 cent cost-per-install (CPI) offer for Android app developers ahead of Tune’s Postback ’15 event held this week in Seattle.

WildTangent has experienced a dramatic 1,000 percent increase in Android app installs over the past two quarters and expects to reach 2 million daily app installs by the end of 2015, making it one of the largest Android distribution networks in the North America and Europe. WildTangent’s App Management Platform (AMP) and direct partnerships with the world’s top mobile device manufacturers and mobile operators are the key drivers in WildTangent’s growth in daily app installs.

“We are offering 25 cent app installs not only as a Thank You to app developers for our growth, but also to bring awareness and opportunity to app developers of all sizes and from around the world who have not yet worked with us: The best way to do that is provide an amazing offer,” said WildTangent’s Chief Revenue Officer, Sean Vanderdasson. “Additionally, we hear from app developers daily about how CPI pricing continues to rise on other networks and the quality hasn’t matched the price increases. As a result, app developers are being driven out of business or simply denied the fair opportunity for consumers to discover great apps. To make matters worse, some ad networks charge app developers when a consumer simply clicks an ad. We believe app developers should only pay when consumers actually install and use their app(s). So, my message to app developers is simple: Work with WildTangent, and you will reach consumers in the best markets at both a fair price and at the scale you seek.”

To help app developers in their pursuit of new users, this week WildTangent is offering 25 cent unlimited app installs to the first 500 app developers to respond. To secure this industry-low pricing, send an e-mail request to

About WildTangent
With over 20 billion apps delivered, WildTangent is the leading worldwide, cross-device technology company focused on the distribution and monetization of mobile and online apps. The company builds mobile apps and operates a digital advertising platform and entertainment services. The company’s latest offering, AMP, dramatically simplifies the app management process for device manufacturers and mobile operators. Companies that use WildTangent technology for their devices include such companies as AT&T, T-Mobile, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, and ACER.


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