Vizu Study Shows Monk Fruit In The Raw Campaign Exceeds Trial Intent Norm by Over 18x

REDMOND, WA – April 16,2014 – WildTangent, the world’s largest cross-platform games network, today announced results from a digital advertising campaign for the sweetener Monk Fruit In The Raw® that topped brand trial intent norms on WildTangent’s Games services. Based on a study by Vizu, a Nielsen Company, the campaign measured a 132% lift in trial intent, more than 18 times higher than Vizu’s trial intent average.

The sweetener’s creator, In The Raw®, and their media agency, Vizeum, designed the campaign to target moms across the WildTangent Games online and mobile services using standard media and video. The Monk Fruit In The Raw campaign delivered almost four million cross-platform impressions with the following results:

  • 132.2% lift in trial intent, more than 15 times the average lift of Vizu consumer packaged goods campaigns and more than 18 times the average lift of Vizu trial intent campaigns.
  • BrandBoost click-through rate (CTR) of 2.84% compared to an industry average of 1%.
  • 91% PC BrandBoost video completion and 89% mobile BrandBoost video completion compared to an industry average of 50%.
  • Over 13,500 clicks to the Monk Fruit In The Raw brand page.

“We’ve had previous successful partnerships with WildTangent, and chose again to work with them for the 2013 Monk Fruit In The Raw campaign based on their cross-platform games network, premium ad experience, their extensive reach and ability to target moms,” said Sara Hoskow, brand manager at In The Raw. “We were thrilled with the ‘sweet’ results for this campaign and look forward to more successful outcomes from WildTangent.”

The campaign leveraged WildTangent’s BrandBoost ad platform, which Monk Fruit In The Raw used to reward gamers with in-game items or free game sessions for viewing their ad. A recent paper from IHS Technology shows that 89 percent of gamers recall value exchange advertisements like BrandBoost during game play, providing a valuable way for advertisers to connect with a targeted and engaged audience of gamers.

“We always get significant brand lift with our BrandBoost campaigns, but Monk Fruit In The Raw performed really well,” said Jay Levinger, director of market research at WildTangent Media. “The campaign was a perfect storm, demonstrating the power of value exchange-style advertising and the possibilities that exist when standout creative advertising is delivered to the right audience through the right platform like BrandBoost.”

About The Research:
WildTangent sponsored a study with Vizu, a Nielsen company, to measure brand lift for Monk Fruit In The Raw. Vizu studies consist of a single survey question to 2,770 consumers and provide real-time measurements for advertisers to understand the effectiveness of moving their target audience through the purchase funnel, from building awareness to creating intent and preference.

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