We're going to be at Casual Connect USA!Can you guess where we’ll be? Here are a few hints – cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge and all things mobile games…

Next week (August 11 – 13) is Casual Connect USA 2015 in San Francisco.

And, if you’re a game developer, you want to talk to us.

Our CPI network, the fastest growing in the world, is having a limited time 35 cent per install deal! That’s not clicks or impressions. Those are installs. And, we’re on track to achieve over 2 million Android app installations per day by year’s end. So, get in early before this promotion is gone! (Can’t wait for Casual Connect? Email us at CPI@wildtangent.com.)

We’re also looking for great games to include in our Android Game Service. Our app is on millions of units and we can help you boost monetization, too. Contact us for a case study and more details.

If you want to talk about our App Management Platform (AMP), CPI or game distribution, get in touch with us here to set up a meeting.

We can’t wait to see you in California.

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